Space Squad in Space

“The summit has concluded and now Space Squad has the hugely important task of returning the foreign emissary home. Twenty minutes of action-packed challenges await you and your friends as you take control of the galaxy’s biggest mission.

Space Squad is the latest example of our Story Room live action game platform. Similar to an escape room, except instead of escaping the object is to save the universe.”

Underproduction of Two Bit Circus and collaboration with Chris Weisbart, I present to you a fantastic voyage into space with nothing but your wits, friends, and leadership. Oh, and a ship that talks back.
Space Squad in Space is an experimental story room: a new take on the experiential role-playing model like escape rooms and bridge crew. You enter a dark ship bridge before immediately jumping in as Space Squad! You’ve been tasked to save the world– yet again: different chapters of adventures, like saving the alien ambassador (you launched into space in the first place).

We designed and built this experience in-house at Two Bit Circus in Los Angeles, California. From story development, user-interface, and motion graphics, to physical panels and the tiny details, I had a large part in designing and building the immersive ship bridge. It’s currently running at Two Bit Headquarters.

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This project is a property of Two Bit Circus LLC.