Two Bit Circus Park

The last year, I’ve almost exclusively been working on our most recent endeavor, the Two Bit Circus park. Most of what I’ve been working on is under wraps, but you’ll see my work soon when we open Spring 2018.

The Two Bit Circus park is a permanent social playspace packed with entertainment, food, and drink. We’re talking 25k-50k square feet filled with the latest in insane immersive entertainment, multi-person mixed reality, crazy group games, reimagined carnival food, molecular mixology… and, of course, liberal use of lasers, fire, and robots.

We’re curating and creating Virtual Reality content, custom re-imagined arcade games, and the 21st Century’s version of classic Carny Midway games. Our facility is located in the Arts District in sunny Los Angeles, California.

About Us:

We are Two Bit Circus, a band of mad scientists, artists, inventors, performers and – well – nerds. We engineer entertainment. For more than five years we’ve created big games and immersive experiences for both ourselves and some of the largest global brands.

  Our Work:

Need a magic mirror? Care to hitch a ride on a starship? Want to sip from a tequila raincloud? Or take a dip in our flaming dunk tank? Perhaps strap on a HMD and brace yourself for a spinning WWII turret? Feeling worn out? Our robot bartender pours cocktails fast and strong. Trust us we’ve got you covered.

(the header image is an outdated rendering of mine, no longer representative of the park.)